Thursday, July 7, 2011

Greek Spinach Chicken made with Knorr Homestyle Stock

The Knorr Family of convenience items has come up with something real exciting. It's these little tubs of chicken stock. Each makes 3 and 1/2 cups of chicken broth. And there are four tubs in each package , making it easier to store in your pantry. I wasn't sure how it would work out. But I have to say it was pretty good, much flavorful than Swanson's.

When my sample first arrived, I went to the local grocery to see what other items Knorr made and if this item was available in my store. I was glad to see that they had some cool stuff out there. Before this, I had only really used the bouillon and the veggie dip packet. I spotted this Cream of Spinach packet and thought it was interesting and came up with my idea of the Greek Spinach Chicken for the contest sponsored by Knorr and Blogher. With hopes to capture one of eight spots competing in San Diego at the Blogher Convention.

So, this is my entry Greek Spinach Chicken served over Couscous and garnished with Feta. It turned out so delicious, and I'm sure it had a little something to do with the Knorr Broth. It was just so flavorful, and super easy to put together. Only 30 minutes or less.....just like Rachel Ray! And with a unbelievable price point of $13.49 for a family of six.....just $2.25 per person! Can't get those vitamins and protein like that at Mickey D's. (just saying)

Here's the low down on the ingredients and I'll take you through the steps:


5 Skinless-Boneless Chicken Breast Halves, cut in half and pounded

Olive Oil

1/2 medium size onion , chopped

1/2 c. Sundried Tomatoes , chopped

1 - 10oz package of chopped frozen spinach, thawed and drained.

1 c. White Wine

1 tub Knorr Homestyle Chicken Broth (reserve half for Couscous)

1 package of Knorr Cream of Spinach Mix

3/4 c. water

2 tsp. Minced garlic

2 boxes of Couscous ( I used Near East Garlic and Herb)

* After cutting chicken place on a large board, covering with plastic wrap, and pound down to cutlets. Saute in a frying pan with 1 T. of Olive Oil. Season with salt and pepper, slightly browning on each side.

* Remove cooked chicken and set aside.

* In the same pan, add 1 T. Olive oil and chopped onion. Cook to saute. Add in tomatoes and spinach. Cook on Medium to burn off some of the spinach liquid. Add in the wine and KNORR Spinach Mix Packet. Let simmer for 5 minutes. Add water, 1/2 tub Knorr Chicken Broth, and garlic.

* Continue to simmer on low while preparing Couscous.

*Prepare Couscous by box instructions. It is a no fail easy recipe!

*When fluffing add the other half of the chicken broth in at the end, with the butter.

* Place couscous on serving plate. then sauteed chicken, spoon on the spinach mixture, and garnish with crumbled Feta.

Bon Appetit! my friends!

Wish me Luck....

because this is Delicious!

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suburbangrandma said...

Wishing you success with your post entry.
I love the Knorr soups. I am working on a post about these soups, since I use them to flavor my homemade soups, and they are great!

masini second said...

Oh my God this looks so good and i`m sure that it is delicious too. I think it is not a very difficult recipe so i will give it a try, thanks a lot for sharing.

lindalou said...

Sounds delicious. I use a lot of chicken broth and I'm interested in a new option.

Good luck on your recipe!