Monday, April 11, 2011

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

It is Volunteer Appreciation Week, and as a HOSPICE volunteer, sometimes I feel my patients give more back to me then I give to them. Perhaps I am just there to hold their hand, play cards, read a poem, or give them chocolate......But for those hours each week that we spend together while they are still with us, I find great enjoyment, knowing I have made their day brighter. I found this lovely poem and thought I would share it with you. This is what actually happens to me during my visits. Alot of my friends say "Why do you do that, I never could, it would be so hard". My reply is ....It makes my life better knowing them, if only for a short time!

I leave my car and walk into the world with many fates,

The people live reality where few words dominate.

Nostalgia brings memories that make them question why,

Delusions create fantasies that often come alive.

Anticipation beckons the beginning of each day,

A visit, party, activity, what is on the way?

Mildred tells me stories of how life used to be,

Many things seem different, she's almost 103!

Mary smiles and sits with pride waiting for her son

"All my children visit me and each is number one!

"Helen yells I want some cake, bring it just for me!

She sees me every week and thinks I am an employee.

An empty bed reminds me that someone has just gone,

Next week I'll see a new friend, the cycle will go on.

I live in their special world today, with wisdom so rare,

Respecting every circumstance which brought each person there.

Our futures are unknown to us, like beaches with endless sand,

I drive away feeling good, for the better person that I am!

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suburbangrandma said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely, and moving poem. You are a special blessing to these people whose hands you are holding, because I am sure they held lots of hands in their life, and now there are only few who are available to hold theirs.
God Bless you and your special mission.
Happy Easter!