Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texting and Your Teen Q&A

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As you may have already heard I have been working with LG phones and Blogher concerning "Texting and Your Teens". I wrote a blog entry Here about my experience with my teens and the contract that I use for them to sign when getting a cell phone. A couple of weeks ago I asked readers to come up with a few questions that I could add to a interview with my daughters.

My first daughter, I will refer to as Mac, is in the 10th grade. And my second daughter, Mo, is in the eighth. They have both had a cell phones now for a couple of years. It is a great way for me to keep in touch with them, especially for after school activities and keeping track of them when out with friends.

This Q&A comes after I received my cell phone bill. I was outraged to say the least, at the fact that the bill was $100+ more than what it usually is. Mac had gone over her allotted text messaging. Each daughter has a limit of 300 per month. Which is just $5 extra. I thought that by limiting it, I would have a stronger hold on usage. They would have to pay for the overage, which is 20 cents per text in or out. Well she didn't realize that "my faves" were not included in the messaging service. She had just received a new phone for her birthday the previous month. Which made it easier to write texts. And because that seems to be the only way her peers communicate, it made it hard.

So I sat with them both after school to get their ideas about cell phones and texting. And here is how it went......

Mom: Do you think you could be without your phone? Is it something you felt peer pressure to have?

Mac: No way that is how I communicate with my cheering squad. I don't know if it was peer pressure, but everyone has them now. It is just kinda the thing.

Mo: I could live without mine. But I think it is a great thing to have, especially walking home from school and friends house, when communicating with you. I did feel a little pressure, just because everyone has one. And you feel like a loser if you don't.....

Mom: I know you girls don't text during school....but, do you notice others doing so?

Mac: I do see a lot of that in High School, especially if they have a IPhone, their looking at the internet and sending messages on the sly in Study Hall.

Mo: I don't think they do it as much in Jr. High , for fear it will be taken away. But, I have seen kids doing it.

Mom: Have you heard of text bullying and has it happened to you?

Mac: It hasn't happened to me , but there was some things going around school at the beginning of the year. Some sort of rating system for the freshman girls, that the upperclassmen were passing around. It was pretty bad , and boys were called into the office and suspended. Not cool....

Mo: I have heard if it, but it hasn't happened to me or my friends. I try not to open text from people I do not recognize. Because it would count as the 300.

Mom: What about Sexting and sending pictures?

Mac: The High School did have some things happen like that, but it might have been rumors. I never saw any pictures. I think it tends to happen more with girls whose boyfriends are now in College. And there are situation where they send messages like that back and forth.

Mo: I don't believe the Jr. High has anything like that going on. At least none of my close friends are doing it, I think....We do send pictures. But they're the funny ones that we might have changed to make the person have a big nose, or crazy hair.

Mom: What do think about have the text feature on your phones and the fact that I limit you to 300 per month?

Mac: I understand that there is a minimum. But most of my friends have unlimited service. And it can get embarrassing to tell them I have limited service, or they will get mad when I do not respond, because I did't open their text. And yes, I hate the fact that I had to give up some Christmas money to pay last month's bill.

Mo: I don't text as nuch with my friends, so the limit doesn't bother me. Maybe it will in High School. We will have to see....

Mom: Thanks girls for the little talk about Texting. I see that other than last month's bill excess, there really isn't much going on here. And I thank you both for not being one of those 4 or 5 hundred texts a day kids.


If you have anything to ask or add, give me a shout out and I will reply with another post or add on.

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