Friday, September 3, 2010

Simple Little Tarts.....

Simple and Easy......
The Motto of Today!

Looking for a Dessert to take to your Labor Day BBQ.

This one is sure to please!

Simply take puff Pastry from the freezer section at your local market. Let thaw slightly and cut out circles. Then cut a inner circle down halfway into the dough, not all the way through. Follow thCheck Spellinge directions for baking on the box, usually 15 minutes.

After cooling down a bit. Take the inner circle out leaving the bottom, like a little pie shell. At this point you could paint the inside with melted chocolate, so they will hold their shape and not get soggy. Be sure to do this of you are making and filling them way before serving.

I sprinlked mine with powdered sugar . Then you fill each cup with pastry cream or custard. Then put any fresh fruit you may have on top. Now you are ready for the Party!!!

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