Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greetings from Michigan!

We are here on our 2nd week of our working vacation in Michigan.
And what have I done so far.....
Weed, Chop, Weed, Chop, Weed.....
and change over the guest rooms at the INN!
That was just the first week,
Now I 'm into repairing and painting.
I have been more busy here than at home!!!

At least the weather has been wonderful!

2 Others Say::

lindalou said...

Did I miss a previous post that you in our lovely state. Where...and what are you working so hard at. Just wondering. Glad you are here and enjoying Michigan in the summer.

suburbangrandma said...

Oh Suzy...you just need to learn how to relax..or maybe keeping busy is relaxing to you. You sure don't lat grass grown under your feet!
Enjoy the outdoors, and all the business that comes with it. My best regards to your mom. I stop by her website from time to time. Very nice Inn, indeed. I posted a very easy Polish recipe for a jello dessert,she might want to try.