Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday...Cupcake wrappers

If you have the time, and have a wonderful special event coming up. These wrappers will make a stand out presentation. I was able to find a free template download HERE. I have a lot of scrapbook paper hanging around, so it won't be that hard for me to come up with some great designs. If you watch Michael's or AC Moore for some sales you can make them pretty cheap. And the fancy scissors can be found for about a buck to do the scallope on top.

I found some selling on Etsy for $1. You can get about 3 per paper, if you make them yourselves. At 25 cents a sheet, that's about 8.5cents each. Bargain! So how about that next baby shower or special birthday. Would these be the cutest??

1 Others Say::

suburbangrandma said...

These are adorable!!!
What a great idea for special cupcakes to take to a daycare party.