Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Berry Tart

This week's TWD choice is Quick Berry Tart. To say this is a quick item may be an understatement to most. Some of the TWDer's were having trouble with their Pastry Cream. It can be hard for first timers, but to the seasoned bakers it would be a cinch. Of course, if your really having trouble, or do not want to separate those six eggs, not knowing what you would do with the whites. Just break down and make a batch of vanilla pudding and kick it upa notch by adding a Hazelnut liquer. Nothing is easier than that!

Another tip I want to give you....Is when you are ever making a tart like this, paint the inside of the tart shell with a little melted white or dark chocolate. This will help the pastry cream from seeping into the shell when you need to hold it off for service later.

I love fruit tarts they can be so artistic. You can use a variety of sliced fruits and design them on top of the cream in beautiful styles. So nice that you won't want to cut into them and ruin your masterpiece. In that case, make personal size tarts for each of your guest so they will have a Rembrandt of their own.......Just Saying......

This week’s recipe was chosen by Christine of
Cooking with Christine. Please visit her blog for the recipe.

We give this 4 glasses of milk, for utter goodness!

4 Others Say::

Anonymous said...

I looked at this recipe the other day and almost made it as well. I am sure it was delicious. I decided on a creamy vanilla pudding filling for my Strawberry tart.

Cristine said...

Your tart looks great! Thanks for baking with me!

Mary said...

Great photo of your tart! I used your white chocolate trick as I had to assemble these a few hours before we ate them. It worked like a charm, and I don't even like white chocolate.

mike said...

Wow - great tips! Especially on the pastry cream-seeping. I'll have to try that. LOVE your blueberry close up - it's a beautiful tart. I'm one of the problem-pastry-cream poster children, but managed to get one batch right for this tart!