Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Pie.......TWD

This week's TWD was chosen by Spike of Spike Bakes: banana coconut ice cream pie! Spike's a fellow New Englander......Yea! I have to say I was real excited to see this pie play out. As you know, I make these items on Tuesdays......imagining others baking with me around the world. I had everything on hand which was great. But to my embarrassment, this is how it played out:

The recipe called for a freezing time of 4 hours after preparation. I gave it a good 4 1/2, but I guess that wasn't good enough. When I took it out it looked great on the plate. Ready to take the picture and NO BATTERY, it was being charged. I run to get the battery, and because of the 90 degree weather it proceeds to melt. Of course it looks like a mess, nevertheless, it was delicious for sure!

Would I make this again? YES! Next time I'll give it a good day or two to freeze up. Then wait for 70 degree weather to test it out. Big thanks to Spike for her terrific selection this week! You can find the recipe for the pie on her blog or on page 350 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

We give this 4 glasses of milk,

for utter goodness!

2 Others Say::

natalia said...

Ciao !! I'm sure it was great ! my bacteries always behave this way !

Tia said...

great job!!!