Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning.........

Gorgeous day here in the Northeast.
And I'm beginning my Spring Cleaning.
Nothing says fun like......
Organizing the cupboards and closets,
and donating the kids clothes that don't fit anymore.
Then making a list of the items they'll need for warmer weather.
I then, do spruce up painting,
by going around and painting all my indoor trim.
Steam cleaning the carpet and getting
ready to to some garden Spring Cleaning this weekend.
So, how is your Spring Cleaning coming????

3 Others Say::

Anonymous said...

Spring Cleaning?? Wish it wouldn't interfere with all the other seasons of the year.

suburbangrandma said...

Since I bake less than you do, I did my spring cleaning before Easter (an old habit passed on to us by our mother). I don't do much painting, but I do take off all my curtains for washing, move my furniture and vacuum all the dust under them and close to the wall. I still have to clean and rearrange my cabinets inside.
Do you believe I had to weed my garden already....yack...

lindalou said...

I love the idea of painting the trim. So far I've only gotten the living room done. Much more to do.