Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just in time for Spring....a Pencil Holder!

Staying indoors because of all those April showers, means you have to come up with something crafty to make. Using what we had on hand and keeping with a Springy theme, we decided to go with Rabbits made out of those Crystal Light canisters. We have loads and loads of them around because we drink tons of lemonade and ice tea. No soda in this house! So you may see some more ideas with these coming your way in the future.

All you need for each one is:

1 canister

5 cotton balls

1 pipe cleaner

pink felt for nose and ears

white foam sheet for ears and feet pad circles

2 google eyes

pink marker

and a glue gun to glue everything on!

This project made 3 little ones very happy!

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