Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Friday......Vanilla Envy

I've decided to start something called Favorite Friday. Where I will post about an item or ingredient in the kitchen each Friday that I deem to be a favorite. There are so many cool gadgets and ingredients, it will not be hard to keep up with this one.

Most of my favorite things come guessed it! HomeGoods. Every Tuesday after my visit at the nursing home, I pop over next door to my hot spot, just to see what new item are being loaded onto the shelf. Plus I then get a peek at all the mark downs, which they seem to do on Tuesdays.

This particular Tuesday, I was in the markdown section of the grocery aisle, and found this great Madagascar Vanilla from William Sonoma. Something that would normally sell in their store for $20, was on sale at HG for $9 for an 8oz bottle. I think that it was a bargain. If you have priced real vanilla in the grocery store lately, you would find that it is very expensive and not as quality. This bottle has ground up vanilla beans and bourbon added to age it for the extra flavor. It is so flavorful I'm using it in everything right now. Dreading the day I run out of it and can not find any more at such a great price!!!

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lindalou said...

This is amazing vanilla and you got a great deal. I've sent that to people before as part of a thank you gift, but rarely buy it for myself. I'll have to start visiting my HomeGoods store.