Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Break in New England......

Queen of the Kitchen is
Out on the Mountain this week......

It's School Winter Break in New England. And for most, it's skiing .that ranks #1 for their destination vacation. I've been told that years ago , they made winter break just for that fact. The ski areas are packed and loaded with lots of children. And snowboarding seems to be popular with the teen crowd. And it looks like lots of fun!

My boys are having lots of fun!
And they hate the fact that they can't quit school and
ski everyday. What a life that would be.....

We ski Gunstock Mountain, which is just 80 miles up the highway.
A family friendly mountain, where everybody knows your name.

For Christmas our family received season passes.
And we all have equipment, courtesy of the SwapShop.
So if we pack snacks and lunch, it makes the trip
very cheap. Just the cost of gas!

And the 6 year old can't get enough!
He has even become the grest snowboarder.

And who doesn't just love the view of
Lake Winnipesaukee...New Hampshire's Gold Area

This is midway down the mountain.
I think the view is breathtaking....
Wouldn't you agree?

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suburbangrandma said...

Those are some gorgeous views...but I prefer the sun and the beach. I love the snow, and I know it is healthier for you than the sun, but only love it through a
Enjoy your "crisp" vacation.