Monday, January 18, 2010

What to do on a Snowy Day!

Keeping with the Winter Theme......

We decided to make some mitten shaped cookies,
and a snowman door hanging.

Both are super easy projects,
which can be made with items you may already have on hand!

You can find my favorite sugar cookie recipe HERE.
I decided to go without the frosting and just colored sprinkles.

This project the kids will love,
my group really enjoyed designing their own!

*First you staple 3 different size plates together.
* Then cut out a orange nose out of felt, and a scarf out of felt.
*We attached buttons for the eyes, mouth, and stomach
*Cut the hat out of construction paper and attach
*Glue on two twigs for the arms and add some mittens.
*Then you can tape or hang on the door.

2 Others Say::

suburbangrandma said...

Great use of quality time.
This reminds me of the days when I was a program director for a youth group, and all the crafts we did together.

lindalou said...

At first glance..I thought you were making Michigan cookies and I nice that she is thinking of Michigan. (Ha)