Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway Jr.

A few years ago, my oldest was in the Mentor Program at school. She and her friend really wanted Fashion Design. They were unable to find a mentor so I stepped in. With years of designing clothes for myself and my family, and my dream of going to Parsons when I was younger. I knew I could stand up to the position.

With Project Runaway having just become so popular, everyone wants to be a designer. They think it's glamours. But, little do they know the work and time that go into it. These girls certainly knew what it would take to make a line and have their own Project Runway Jr.

**First they had to come up with a theme throughout their line , which they chose African-Asian. This was after seeing the fabric that was available at JoAnn's.
**Next was drawing out the design on paper.
** Then drawing and cutting a pattern out of Muslin fitting it to the doll, before cutting it out of the purchased fabric. You want to make sure it works before the expensive of the fabric.
**After the first fitting, they cut out of the fabric, and then were taught to sew. I chose not to teach buttonholes this time around. So they used Velcro and snaps to secure.
**They then fitted the actual garment to the doll,and added any final touches.

They had to then come up with a name, and chose to combine their names:
Mackenzie and Elizabeth
KenzieBeth Designs

They even made the accessories to match.

Thier American Girl Dolls looked so much like they could
walk the Red Carpet.

They even added in casual and day wear.
Because, when you design,
your line needs to be diverse.

These dolls really did shine out amongst
the other mentor projects.

The girls had made story boards of their progression.
Which made it easier to tell onlookers about the process.

Needless to say, I was very proud of the girls and their project.
And the way they were able to bring out their ideas.
They should enter a Project Runway JR. whenever they can!

2 Others Say::

lindalou said...

Being a big fan of Project Runway and unable to sew anything other then a button or a hem, you gave the girls a real gift. Understanding the design process at a young age can really open future opportunites for them that they don't even realize.

Well all of you!

suburbangrandma said...

Looks like the girls have talent and they selected a great mentor.
Very nice job indeed!!