Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decorating in January

After all the tree trimming and decking the halls,
Christmas comes and goes, and so do the decorations.
What do you do then?

If your like me, you may have some Snowman hanging around.

Why not leave them out along with some other Wintery items?

Here, I have a festive bunch greeting you as you walk in the foyer.

I just love this snowman fencing made from
clothes pin-like dowels with orange toothpick noses.

I go around changing up all the frames,
and replacing them with pictures taken in the winter.

I add a couple of items to my pine centerpiece,
along with the cute placemats my Aunt gave me.

I leave out my Snowman dishes and mugs,
usually until there is no more snow fall.

I took away the greens and added the sweet skater silhouettes,
Reminding me how my family loves to skate.

And with the little flocked trees.......
How cute is that?
So this year to get you by during the winter,
Bring on the Snowmen!!!

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