Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baked not Fried.....

Mrs. Vogel's Scherben Baked Not Fried

This week's TWD choice was to be a fried delectable treat.

And because of wanting to watch my waist,

and not wanting to waste the oil.

I chose to Bake not Fry

These actually came out pretty good, light and crunchy,,
The texture was like a Cheez-it.
They may have been better fried,
perhaps tasting like a Pita chip....
They were super easy to make.
You could probably make these a little savory,
subtracting the sugar, and adding a little garlic and basil.
Then rolling in a little Parmesan, instead of powdered sugar.
This week's hostess is Teena of Spork and Foon
You will get a great step by step on her site.
I think I'll try the savory kind the next time,
and serve them with some humus.

1 Others Say::

Karen said...

Your savory ideas sound great!