Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Home Tour

Lots of tours going on in Blogland the next week.

So come join me ,

as I join in on the first of many!

Welcome to my home on the East Coast.

Just starting to feel like Christmas here in NewEngland,

and the snow will begin to fall.

So why not be greeted by some of the many snowman

that I have collected.

Sit on the built in bench, circa 1885,

and take off your boots.

Then check out my antique gingerbread

cookie cutter collection on the landing.

I even have Santa, helping me decorate some that

have come out of the oven.....

I love my fruit filled mantle,'

with glittered fruit from AC Moore.

Maybe you'll be able to sample some fresh bread

coming out of the oven while your here.

While nibbling in the kitchen,

check out my 7 foot tree.

Decorated with antique children's pots, pans,

and tea kettles from the 40's and 50's.

I figure this tree is worth a fortune!!!

Then of course,

I have many Santa helpers on my mantle.

Just a few of many.....

I have collected them since they began to come

out over 25 years ago........

This is our nostalgic tree with mercury bulbs,

bubble lights, paper garland, and those

wonderful large lights they used to use in the 70's.

I always like to decorate my built in side board....

And finally another tree with fruit and berries,

that we have in the living room.

And the metal stars are great too!

All this decorating can make a girl tired.

So I think I'll make a cup of tea,

and check out others on the tour.

You can join me HERE!

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Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Suzy! I'm in New England too--Connecticut. Your trees are so interesting. I don't think I can pick a favorite. I love the big lights and the mercury bulbs. I remember those on our family trees when I was little, and of course my college aged kids are fascinated by them because they are different than the little twinkling lights I use. Your santa and snowman collection are wonderful. I also collect snowmen! They can stay up into January. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Linda