Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Kitchens.....

I came across some beautiful kitchens I just have to share with you today.
Even though I love white kitchen cabinets,
for our family they're just not practical.
Dirty little fingerprints would be everywhere.
And those wingback chairs would have no chance
in keeping clean.......
I looked at both of these kitchens and thought,
a girl can dream can't she???

This one was definitely the favorite because of the huge window above the sink.
It allows so much light to stream in, it's awesome.
And look in the back right corner you could just imagine
walking into your huge pantry that leads out to your herb garden.
And I just love, love , love the high ceiling.
So dear reader, do you have a kitchen that you just dream about,
And pull out idea pages and put them in a folder for future use?
And what do you think about the white kitchen..
for or against?

4 Others Say::

P. said...

Beautiful and rather grand. In Europe kitchens are so small.

lindalou said...

I really love white kitchens and we are in fact re-doing the kitchen up a my significant others farm house. The cabinets are white wainscoating. The countertops are going to be grey/taupe kind of color and I'm think about black handles. I will eventually post pictures.

I'd have to pass on the white wingback chairs. Love the look, but they would be gross pretty fast.

suburbangrandma said...

As beautiful as these kitchens look, I am not for the white color, and those so formal looking chairs. I prefer cherry cabinets in the kitchen....but I LOVE that huge window!!!!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I love white kitchens too. They have really grown on me. Alas, I have cherry cabinets and they show everything too. I guess I should find a happy medium. I love your blog. I'm a pie maker too!