Monday, November 16, 2009

Pumpkin Pancakes......Yummy!

Normally, I am not a box pancake person,
but I just had to try TRADER JOE'S Pumpkin Mix this season.
It was getting rave reviews from everyone,
and of course I'm always up for a trip to Joe's.
They have some unique items that you probably
won't find at the local supermarket.
And have you seen the flyers that they send out for their sales.
It's like reading a Culinary newspaper, so cute!!
Descriptions of products like they were JPeterson from Seinfeld.

This season they're offering many pumpkin items.

These were so delish, we couldn't stop eating them!
This is for sure a favorite with us!
If you're near a Trader Joe's stop by and pick a box up.
$2.99 makes about 28 - 6 inch pancakes.

3 Others Say::

lindalou said...

Pumpkin pancakes sound good. My boyfriend makes great apple pancakes. I wonder if he'll let me bring a box mix into the house.

Candela said...

I miss Trader's Joe so much...

suburbangrandma said...

I love homemade pancakes.
My favorite ones are with blueberries and whipped cream.