Thursday, November 19, 2009

BeDazzle your Cupcakes with Jewels.....

My Cupcakes have been bedazzled!!

On a recent trip to my favorite store,
HOME GOODS........
I found these beautiful jewel toned sprinkles
in the gourmet section.

Are they not wonderful????
And for just a mere $1.99.... can't beat that!

Problem is, they're so special,
it will take a special event for me to use them.

LESSON for the DAY:

Never overlook the gourmet section,
you may find some good deals!

Especially at HOME GOODS!!!

You can find them here online.

1 Others Say::

suburbangrandma said...

Home Goods is one of my favorite stores to shop at, for special things.
The only problem is.....I need lots of time when I'm there!!!!