Friday, October 9, 2009

Trade In and Trade Up!

If your a sewing kind of gal or guy.....HusqvarnaViking has a
Trade In -Trade Up special running until October 31.
Take any machine you may have that you would like to trade in,
to any local Sewing Machine Dealer.
They will give you a value for it, to use towards a new machine.
That is for any brand, it doesn't have to be HV Brand....
What a great deal if your looking into a
new machine for the winter.
I hear sewing is making a comeback!!!
It's the Cash for Clunkers
for those of you who sew!!!

2 Others Say::

lindalou said...

I am looking for a sewing maching...but this might be overkill considering my limited sewing skills. Plus I don't have a clunker to turn in. Still good info.

lindalou said...

machine....not maching. Sure wish I could type.