Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cottage Cheese Pufflets

Remember when the side dish you could order with your meal was cottage cheese with pineapple.......the late 70's I believe. You don't see it much on menus now, except for diners. And if you not specifically looking because it is on your diet, you won't have it on your shopping list. I myself enjoy it from time to time, but my children are another story.

Which brings us to today. Tuesdays With Dorie. That tasty baking group that bakes together, once a week, one delicious recipe from that equally delicious baking book, "Baking From My Home to Yours", by the also equally delicious baking authoress, Ms Dorie Greenspan.This week's recipe was Cottage Cheese Pufflets, on pages 148 and 149, as chosen by Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes .

When I first heard of these without even looking at the recipe, I imagined something like a cream puff filled with a sweeter sort of cottage cheese. Then I went to make them, and found the dough to be similar to rugelach. And also similar to last weeks flaky turnover. I decided to make mine into small crescents and cover them in powdered sugar, And they came out great!!!

I'll admit the dough was easy to make in the food processor, but very sticky. It required a lot of refrigeration after mixing, and during the rolling process. If your a fast baker, you should have no problem. You can find the recipe HERE. Or go out and get Dorie's Book. Would I make them again....... definitely!!!

3 Others Say::

P. said...

This must be good!

Anonymous said...

Your pufflets look amazing! I love the powdered sugar coating too! =)
I love cottage cheese with pineapples - I bought a tub when I went to the grocery store to pick up cottage cheese for the pufflets!

Jacque said...

Ooh, good call on the powdered sugar, those look fantastic!

Thanks for baking along this week :)