Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Gift Idea......Rag Quilt!

This week I had to come up with a Christening gift idea.
What do you get the baby that has everything.....
I knew I had to come up with something that would sustain
through the years. And would act as a memory
of that special occasion.
I then started scouring ETSY for everything Baby.
And I found these beautiful quilts.....
I knew that was it, I could make a special Baby Quilt.
I hadn't made a quilt in years, but I was up for the challenge!

I had all the fabric on hand, because someone had dumped
large bags of Fat Quarters from Joann Fabrics,
at my favorite spot...The Swap Shop! Free :)
All I needed was the flannel, which was on sale at JoAnn's,
Buy one yard get one FREE!

After searching the Internet for tutorials.
I was off to cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing.....
It went together quite easy for a first timer,
and I loved the results. Nice and soft !
After finishing you wash and dry twice to get it that way.
Now they sell any where from $50 to $100 on Etsy.
I hope the recipient will appreciate it for a lifetime.
Check out the great tutorial HERE!

2 Others Say::

Momsy said...

That is lovely!

Anonymous said...

okay Kim, maybe we should have a 'quilt making day' with the Grass girls. I need visuals (and help sewing) it's been quite a while, but I love this!