Monday, August 10, 2009

When Gardening gets Away from You!

We've been away for 3 weeks, and the garden grew like it was on Steroids.
This is how it looked in the beginning on April 13th, 2009.
Manageable and easy.....
Then it was really beginning to bloom,
on May 26th, 2009.
Still manageable and easy.....

Then I came home to this overgrown, need to be weeded mess.
This is what it looks like half weeded,
still have more to do!

Then in the middle was this huge sunflower....
The seed that got away from the pack.
Actually I planted 5 packs all along the fence, just to see.
I had never planted Sunflowers in this garden before.
I guess only the biggest survived....
The biggest seeds from Burpee, are the ones that took off.
Now I have to replant this Bad-Boy, somewhere else!

Check out my little JACK and the BEANSTALK!
Have you ever seen a Sunflower this big, and still growing????
The stalk is like 3 inches in diameter...crazy!
Can't wait to see the head on this one!

3 Others Say::

suburbangrandma said...

That "Green Thumb" of yours is showing off the fruits of its labor, for sure!!!!
I think you will need to call the fire department and borrow a ladder to get the crown from you GIANT Sunflower.
Your plants look great!!!

Andrew's Reclaimed said...

WHOA, It's like JUMANJI!

Momsy said...

Is the tall purple plant loostrife? It is the plant I miss most from my garden in Loveland, OH. I've always wanted to try and grow it in FL.