Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hooked on a Life Size Dollhouse....

Remember these metal dollhouses from your childhood. I sure do!

I started out with one of these in my earlier days, then graduated to a wooden one which my uncle had made. I still have all the beautiful furniture I collected along the way.

What I used to enjoy about the metal one, was the cool pastel colors and graphics that adorned the inside. The metal houses came with plastic furniture in the pastel colors of blue, pink, green and yellow. I could just sit and play for hours. Such an imagination!

Maybe that is why I like decorating so much......

Isn't this the coolest kitchen??

It looks right out of a 50's style dollhouse.

Except, this one......

Is Life Size!!!

That's right. It is a art exhibition in Canada.

And when I found it I was HOOKED!

Don't you just love it???

From Highway 2, near the Saskatchewan border, it doesn't look like much; only a painted sign of a family holding hands suggests anything unusual about this particular abandoned farmhouse, one of many.

Around back, the north-facing wall of the house has been replaced with Plexiglas, showcasing its interior, fully restored with candy-coloured walls and furniture from the 1960s, when the home was abandoned. From a distance looking at this picture it would look like the typical dollhouse.

But, what makes this different is.....the dolls are human!

"Artist in Resident"....Heather Benning worked nearly 18 months on the project,
entitled Dollhouse.

"I wanted to show the passage of time … I was able to show what it looked like before it was left, but then what it looks like now, you know, 35 years later," said Benning.

Heather states, that when growing up on a farm, there was a old house on their property. And she just loved decorating it and playing designer.

Here you see a couple of tourist checking it out.

It will give you an idea of the size in relation....

If you didn't know better, this shot would make you think you are looking at a actual dollhouse that has been iluminated.

Heather finished this in the middle of 2007,
and has left it there for viewing audiences.

So what do you think, could you be hooked on this too?

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(Cause I think she will agree it's a fashionable dollhouse)

If you ever in that part of Canada,
go check it out!

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I would love to see that life-sized doll house! How cool is that?! I also remember those metal dollhouses and playing with one that looked just like this. I wish I had one of those today, actually. I'd say it was for "my daughter," but let's face it--it would really be "for me." ;-)

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

This is the best! The other way around.

Nancy said...

Oh, yes. Playing with that metal dollhouse was hours of fun. And this life size one is a hoot! Thanks for showing it.

Terry said...


E said...

instead of asking for pony's little girls are going to start asking for life sized dollhouses now! I love it!

Check out my brand new blog! I love new friends, and always appreciate a comment!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I LOVE dollhouses, and that one is neat. :) I have tons of dollhouse stuff *for my girls,* but really I love to look at it. ;) Visiting from Julia's party. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I've never seen anything like it before. Would be fun to see it in person.

Mrs. Petrie said...

Whoa, that IS cool! I'd love to see that in person.

Becky K. said...

How very unusual...but a fun idea!

Thanks for sharing this!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

terrie said...

I love this - so creative and what a fun "art" project. Thanks for sharing - I'm visiting for the first time from Julia's party and love your site.
Visit mine if you'd like:

Lara Harris said...

That is incredible!I'd love to see it in person!

kathi said...

This is incredible! A real size dollhouse! I love it! said...

I love that! I also love your metal dollhouse. I recently purchased one from the 1960's and I am working on collecting furniture for it.

Gayle said...

This is different! I would pull over to see this!