Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garden Wedding

Her comes the Bride!

Well, the last two weeks of work with the Innkeeper, have paid off.

I was able to see my labor of love, so to speak.

There was a small quaint wedding in the garden Gazebo this weekend,
about sixty guests. Reception followed at a different venue.

The wedding party arrived for the rehearsal the night before,
with the gazebo looking ordinary.

I said ...."Don't worry the wedding fairy will be here overnight"

And when they arrived the next day, I had finished adding all the fresh flowers.
Searching the grounds and other gardens for anything I could get together.

It turned out to be a great day!

And the bride was very surprised when she walked down the aisle.

It was my cousin's daughter who was getting married.

Which was a bonus for me, to have a family reunion included....

You may kiss the bride!

Always a sweet moment....

Great photo of the happy couple.

May they always be this happy, even 50 years from now...

This of course, this was one of the best shots.

The ringbearer was in deep thought.....


"Was this tie and suit I had to wear,

worth all the sugary cake and fun I'll get to have at the reception??"

I believe it was....

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suburbangrandma said...

Are you related to Martha Stewart???? You sure could be!!!! are just able to do it all, aren't you? Beautiful job indeed! (I was wondering why in the world would you want to be weed whacking on your you stated in your previous post). Now I have the answer. I am sure everyone was quite impressed and appreciated your hard work and creativity.