Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ideas for Party Munchies....

When the ship docked last week in the Boston Harbor, they needed a few munchies before taking a tour for the evening. I was asked to supply some 'not so fancy' finger food. They would be having hot appetizers on the ship as they muddled around. It was a delicious spread of everyone's favorites.

I decided on the following....A Spinach-Veggie Dip with a wonderful assortment of veggies.
Some even from my garden!

I couldn't keep this cheese platter full enough.
Those guest surely enjoy cheese.....
Colby, Cheddar, Jalapeno, Sharp
and I smothered some Brie in Orange Marmalade on another platter.

I also supplied Pita and Tortilla Chips,
with two types of Humus and Salsa.
I also had Buttered Wheat Pretzels
with a Bar Cheese Dip....Yummo!
( I failed to get a picture)

3 Others Say::

P. said...

Ooooh...Such good ideas.


suburbangrandma said...

Those veggies look very inviting. My favorite are carrots and cherry tomatoes. Fruits...yum
You have done a very nice job with these finger foods!!

Anonymous said...

Emmmm I love veges and dip! It's so much better when you're not the one preparing it either! lol. I would have downed all that, PLUS the cheese!