Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brioche Blueberry Tart....TWD

Today's choice comes from Denise of Chez Us, which is Brioche Plum Tart. Now if your like most people, you envision the brioche in the form of the picture above. But, Dorie has taken it a step further by adding fruit to the top and putting it in the tart category.

I didn't have any plums on hand this afternoon, so I decided to go with blueberries. The recipe was an all afternoon event. The dough was easy to make, but took alot of rest in between knock downs. I used my smaller petit four type tart pans, because I envisioned them being served with tea. I changed the recipe up a bit....It calls for plum jam in the bottom of the tart, of which I didn't have any jam in the house at all. So I thought ......what about cream cheese spread. So I spread that on the bottom, then the Maine Blueberries, then a almond-cinnamon sugar mix as the topper.

I must say they are very tasty. I could see them being served at HighTea or a nice Bridal Brunch. They took a little more time then normal to rest. It would be better to let them rest overnight in the fridge...per Dorie's suggestion. So take the time to make Dorie's easy recipe found in her book "Baking from My Home to Yours". I have made regular brioche before, and found this to be a very easy version.
Thank you Denise of Chez Us for selecting this gem of a recipe (please visit Denise's blog for the full recipe)! Also, make sure to visit the TWD blogroll to see the beautiful creations of my fellow bakers.

We give this 4 Blueberries,
for being so Berry Delicious!

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isabelle said...

Your mini tarts looks great!
Blueberries and almond-cinnamon sugar mix, that sounds delicious!