Monday, June 22, 2009

The Great Gift for a Great Teacher!

As you know, the end of the school year is busy. Projects to finish, parties to go to, and gifts to get together to give to teachers. I always try to think of something different and special to give to our teachers, because being a former teacher, I know how hard they work.

The teachers that my children have had, have all been very special. Usually, I center my gift around some type of food item. Like a cake pop bouquet or a tray of assorted goodies. But, for this one teacher, that my son had this year....I knew I would have to think of something very special. She definitely went beyond her call of duty.

Mrs. L is a wonderful third grade teacher at his school. She gives her grandmotherly love to each and every student. She also takes the time to call you, and let you know how your child is doing in class. My 3rd grader struggles with ADD, and needs that special someone to look out for him as an advocate. She would take the time to update me on his good days and bad to speak. She would even take the time out of her weekend to get a hold of me. I am thankful for these calls. It kept me "in the know" to what was happening in class.

This is why I felt it fitting to give her a Reading Chair. She has a love for books and a love for gardening. Why not mix the two.... I took a plain pale yellow resin Adirondack Chair (my favorite), that I found at my local ACE Hardware. And I painted a pretty garden with acrylic paint that I had on hand. I then filled in the details with Sharpie markers. And then finished with a few layers of Matte Clear Protective spray.

I chose the color scheme from the fabric that I had on hand, that I proceeded to make the cushion out of. I always like to base my painting on a color combinations found in fabrics or rugs. I felt that the chair came out wonderful. And I am so pleased with the colors and theme that I chose. When I delivered it today, she was very surprised at her new chair. She said she would use it in her classroom, when she reads to her students. What a great idea!

I even decided to add on to the legs and the front. I thought it really complimented it.

Children are Flowers in Life's Garden,
they are nutured and tended to,
as they grow into beautiful people.....

3 Others Say::

suburbangrandma said...

Suzy, you did a beautiful job with that chair. I am sure it made Mrs. L. feel very special, and your son must have been very proud of being part of this gift giving to his special teacher. Very thoughtful gift indeed.

Kalyn Denny said...

I'm a third grade teacher (who just retired this year) and I can tell you, this is a fantastic gift! You must be a pretty great parent too, to come up with it.

Maria W. said...

Is the chair plastic or wood? What a fabulous idea:)