Saturday, June 27, 2009

8th Grade Graduation and After Party....

Eighth grade graduation finally happened this week. Our oldest daughter going on to High School....time goes by so fast. It was only April when I started to hear how everyone was getting this dress and these shoes for graduation. And I was thinking ....Is this a Jr. Prom, or what?

But, I gave in and off to Kohl's we went to look for a dress. I told her the limit was $25 or less, since she would probably only wear it one night. We were lucky to find many dresses in the girls section 50% off and a 20% off coupon I had received in the mail, yea! I love Kohl's for sending out those special coupons. I never go unless I have one. I was glad of her choice, and I never saw anyone with the same one on. So that was a plus too!

The graduation wasn't so bad. They hustled all 370+ kids through pretty good. And the speaker was a very funny teacher, who just happened to be a Simpson's Fan. So the kids could really relate to his satire. After the kids filed out the parents followed down to the Cafeteria to check out the decor. I had been there in the first half of the day to help out. The committee had done such a well thought out plan.

They had a little cafe in the corner for food and drinks. And also provided a smoothie bar, which was yummy!

All around the cafeteria were these over-sized Nanos,
with clips of pictures and videos running all night.

They had every cool!

I especially liked this one!

Then on all the walls there were silhouettes from the Ipod ads.

Showing young people doing things like Ballet!

Then there were several Ipods and Iphones hanging from the ceiling.
Along with application icons for games and such.

There was also a set up to perform in a mock lip-sync band if you wanted.

Or do some shadow box dancing on either side of the DJ,
just like on Regis and Kelly.....
My daughter said it was a great time once they finally got the parents out.
It took forever to usher 700 plus people out of there,
before they could even get the party started.
And unfortunately it ended at ten.
They really should have said 11,
because they also gave out yearbooks to sign.
All and all, what a Great Party for 8th Grade!

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Saucy said...

OMG!! As Loopy would say, HOW DID I MISS THIS and you sent me an email and everything. It must have been at that crazy end of the year and here I am at the end of the summer and I'm just finding this post...

... which is AWESOME! You kicked my graduation party BUTT. I bow to you and yours who put this together. Oldest daughter looks so sweet in that dress. We had the same limit for Loopy, we said $40.00 Canadian so that is about the same limit US and we were shopping in Chicago. Khols is fantastic for great selection and sales.

I'm glad the speaker and the decor was so great for your event!!