Sunday, April 5, 2009


What did you do this weekend?
I'm taking the time to do some Spring Cleaning.....

Having everyone go through their clothes, seeing what fits and what doesn't, what were giving away, and what not! Then I find out that the teen and tween need spring/summer clothes desperately. So I guess I'll be spending the next few Wednesdays at the S&A boutique, looking for some great deals.
They grow so fast...
I am fortunate to have a friend who has 4 girls just younger than mine,
so my clothes get their use. Girls aren't as hard on their clothes as boys....
It's always nice after spring cleaning, everything always seems fresh and clean. Not that it isn't normally. But, this time better! I open the windows to air out the house, even though, here in New England it is chilly...Then I pull everything away from the wall, washing the walls and vacuming baseboard heaters. Then I pull off all the cushion covers to every piece of furniture I can, and wash them. And of course on, and on, the list goes....
* closet organizing
*drawer organizing
* cabinet cleaning and organizing
*Flipping the mattresses
* Getting out the summer patio furniture
* sewing some new cushions for that patio furniture
* ect.,ect., ect.
I think this list could go on forever if I let it!

Have fun with your Spring Cleaning!

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me, myself, I said...

Love the cartoon - I should be Spring cleaning but its so nice out I've been in the garden instead :)