Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Passover

Even though I may not be Jewish, I will be participating in the Passover rituals the next two nights, as a bystander. There will be lots of beef brisket and chicken. And yes, bowls and bowls of this wonderful soup. And lots of desserts, too!
It is always interesting to witness this ceremony. You may see younger gentlemen getting their rite to passage by performing as the head of the table. And you will see family traditions passed down. It is a very loving time to witness something of this nature, and to see the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into the preparation. I actually look forward to it.
Happy Passover!

2 Others Say::

me, myself, I said...

Yummy yummy - I love Jewish food...Happy Passover !

Suburbangrandma said... favorite are the coconut macaroons...and the thousands of other desserts.

I hope everyone had a very nice Passover!