Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contest Alert!!! Contest Alert!!!

For those of you who are ga-ga about these cutie pies, now is your chance to win a trip to see them live in concert. The prize is for two people, one Mom, and one Kid. The Concert will take place in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada on July 2nd, 2009. This contest prize will also include the plane fare to get you there, where you will get to hang out with my blogland friends Loopy and Saucy. Loopy is a Super Fan, and has plans of marrying herself off to one of those cuties.

I know that if I was 13 again, they would be the loves of my life too! I had the chance to see them a couple of times already before the crazy frenzy that they have become. They used to travel around the New England area to do smaller concerts for Disney. That means no body guards, and coming out to chat and sign autographs with the fans with no line. We even have the first album they ever put out. Which I hear goes for a pretty good price on Ebay.

So, if your a Super Fan or know of one, send them over to Saucy's Sprinkles, she will be running the contest until the end of May and will be giving out plenty of chances to win!

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