Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lemon Cup Custard

It's Tuesdays with Dorie and today's choice was made

It was super easy to make. This custard was more like a flan, very egg-like, unlike a Creme Bulee. This would have went well with fresh raspberries on top, when in season. I changed up the recipe a bit by using evaporated milk and extra lemon extract. There were several comments on the TWD website that mentioned that it wasn't lemony enough or smooth. But, even with the extra extract it wasn't as zesty, likeI thought it should be. Go to Bridget's blog for the recipe or purchase this lovely Baking Book.

I might make it again when raspberries come around.
This time the kids weren't too impressed!

Sorry, Only One Glass
for Utter Goodness!

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Ivette said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this dessert.. I liked it too and thought it was very simple to make and had good flavor to it. Good job!