Tuesday, March 17, 2009

French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade

Tuesdays with Dorie again, and the choice this week, comes from Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction. She chose the French Yogurt Cake with a Marmalade Top. As Dorie says in her Baking Book, this is a very popular cake in France. Each family having their own recipe that is handed down through the generations. She describes it as a cross between pound cake and sponge cake. I say that I would have to agree on that.

I didn't have any Lemon Marmalade on hand as the recipe suggest, so I used Orange Marmalade instead, and did not strain it. I flavored my cake with a little rum extract. I thought it was pretty good. It is Dorie's suggestion that you serve it with a fruit compote. Which would be an excellent accompaniment, when fresh in season.

You can find this recipe in Dorie's Baking Book on pages 224 - 225, or go to Liliana's website. Liliana also used Orange Marmalade.

We give this 4 Glasses of Milk,
for udder Goodness!

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Jennifer said...

Mmm.. your cake looks great! I enjoyed it too, and used raspberry preserves for the glaze. It was good, but next time I want to stick with citrus.