Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Decadent Chocolate Cake, For Sure!

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie, was a decadent delight.....Chocolate Armagnac Cake- The Cake That Got Me Fired! When I say decadent, it is a true fact. Now for those of you who do not know Armagnac, it is a brandy like cognac, from the southwest region of France. So if you do not have any on hand, do not be alarmed.

I went the cheaper route of this dessert and used what I had on hand....which was some cheap Kentucky Bourbon. And also, being that I do not normally buy expensive chocolate, (for fear my children would find my stash, then where would I be), I just used good ol' semi sweet chocolate chips. And the prunes...yes, the recipe calls for prunes, I used dried plums that had soaked overnight in that Bourbon.

The story that goes along with this recipe, "The Cake that got me Fired!", is actually quite a funny tale. Not in these economic times, but when Dorie was first getting her feet wet in the Pastry Industry..... She was working in a restaurant and making the same desserts that had been on the menu for years, and one day she decided to play around with one of the recipes and change things up a bit. Needless to say her boss thought the dessert although very good, was not what the customer had ordered. She was then fired on the spot! So much for showing creativity....

This recipe was chosen by Lyb of "And then I do the Dishes" from Canada. You can go to her blog to find the recipe. It wasn't hard at all, especially since I have done 2 decadent cakes in the last few days. Each Tuesday, I am actually making the item that is chosen for the day, on the very day. So, sometimes I may post later in the day.

I made the cake before school and finished it before lunch. So really it isn't that hard, give it a try! And definitely serve it with whip cream, it will offset the super chocolaty taste.

We give this 5 glasses of milk,
for utter goodness!

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Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Wow! I stopped by at the right time! I love chocolate! Thanks for making me hungry! LOL