Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What can you get for $20 ???

How much can you get now a days for $20? This is what I got on half price Wednesday at the S & A Boutique, as I like to call it....

aka :Salvation Army
2 pairs of Levi Jeans, 3 pairs of yoga pants, 2 pairs of MUDD jeans, 3 ribbed turtlenecks, 1 Nautica pullover, 1 Aeropostale pullover, 1 A & F sweater with wool mini skirt, 1 Old Navy Pullover, and 1 Soccer zip-up.
That's 16 items in like new condition for $20,
yes, $20.
I love half price Wednesday!

Check out this great wool A & F sweater with the cute plaid mini.

Or how about a Nautica pullover or Ralph Lauren Turtleneck,

Or this minty sweat, or perhaps a Luck of the Irish sweat?
These items would have cost me a fortune new, probably well over $300. That is why my favorite hot shop spot is the S & A. There was a recent Newsweek report that said resale shops were so in and so going green. I guess I saw the fad coming because I have always shopped at resales. When you have kids they grow so fast, why spend a lot of money on clothes. I can't tell you when the last time was that I went to the mall, well over 3 years or so ago, and it is only 6 miles away.
I just can't get enough of this store. It's like shopping therapy. I give myself a budget of $25 a month when going there. It may take about 2 hrs, because the clothes are not sized. So, next time you drive by one, turn around and drive right back and see what you can find!
The hunt is so exciting!

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Suburban Grandma said...

Thanks for the post. I agree that S &A are great places to shop, as long as your teenagers don't know that (I remember when my daughter would not go to some stores with me, because they were not "cool" enough....but she has grown out of that by now). Also, another great place is Good Will, I love to go there and find some many great items which I donate to my favorite charity or send them overseas to family and friends (especially children items, since mine are grown now,so I don't have any for hand me downs).