Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines for your children's class...

No store bought cards in this house!
With those school parties just a week's time to get going on those classroom giveaways. My children go to one of those schools now, where they celebrate some holidays. And these parties can not contain any candy or treats. Gone are the days when you could send in cupcakes or cookies.....Nutrition and allergy issues, I guess.

So each year, I try to come up with a creative way of giving each student a little gift with their Valentines. And thanks for the Dollar Tree, it makes it possible for an affordable giveaway. Plus, they are so darn cute!

What I do is design a great graphic for a business card. Then I punch holes at the top and bottom to put the pencil in. I slide the pencil in so it is in the back.

And, tadda, you have a great card with a cute giveaway, with each costing around 12 cents with card and printing. What a bargain for happiness....
Here is the graphic for you to copy to your file!

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suburbangrandma said...

Great idea!
I am forwarding the link to your post to my daughter, since I am passed those days for preparing Valentines for school.