Thursday, September 10, 2009

World Peace Cookies, Could they make a difference??

This guy has had a real tough week....Schools dissed his address on Tuesday and a member of the Congress calls out that he is a liar on live TV. Our schools are some of the many who didn't televise his message on Tuesday. And why wouldn't they....I agree that everyone has their own opinion.

His message was just stating that kids should try harder and strive to do better both academically and morally to obtain what they want out of life. And to wash their hands more frequently for fear of a flu breakout. Now what was wrong with that???? I know that as a elementary student, if I was addressed by the President over the in room television. I might strive to do better.

And the fact, that the man yelled out what he did last night...It was disrespectful for sure. It is agreed that not everyone will go along with this plan. But at least, something is being thought about, and going forward after all these years. Think of all the people out there with no health care. Is it fair??

Is it fair, that after working for 25 years with benefits, your company is now gone along with your income and retirement..... And you have no insurance...... And no one will insure you because of your existing condition???

I am repeating a post about I did back in the winter about these "World Peace Cookies". I can only dream that if each member of the House and Senate were given these with their daily coffee or tea, maybe they could act and proceed peacefully with this new President. And as we go into the 8th anniversary of 9/11, maybe we can reflect on the peace that is needed around the world.


If you haven't yet added this to your cooking and baking library, it is my suggestion that, this is a must have book. Well put together, recipes are delicious, and the pictures are wonderful. Having seen this cute baking group out in blogland, "Tuesdays with Dorie", I thought I would join in on the fun! , a year ago now....

This recipe, World Peace, comes from the cookie section of the book. It was first developed by Pierre Hermes and written in a different baking book that he had written with Dorie, under a different title. Dorie passed on the recipe in her new book with a title she felt more appropriate. This title was suggested by her neighbor. He said "These cookies are so good, that if everyone ate them we would definitely have World Peace".

At first I wasn't really sure about the recipe, because of the sea salt that was needed in it. I really do not like to put a lot of salt in everything. But, boy are they delicious!! I could eat them all.....

You can find the recipe posted HERE, and the funny tale how Smitten couldn't believe these would settle world peace, but now she's a believer!!!

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Those look really good :)

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