Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's with Dorie...A rewind -Caramel Heath Bars...

With two graduations back to back...8th grade and Preschool....

Things have been super hectic and I just didn't have time to bake this weeks selection of Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise. Selected by Andrea of Andrea in the Kitchen, a baker from the Land Down Under.
Please bop over to her blog to see what this delicious dessert is all about.
Instead I chose to do a rewind, because I was baking for the 8th grade graduation. And I thought these Heath Bar Cookies from Dorie's book would be a nice addition to the festivities. And they sure were a hit!

This recipe chosen by Whitney from

"What's left on the Table",
was real simple. The recipe can be found on pages 112-113 in Dorie's Baking Book or here on Whitney's blog. It is basically a sugar shortbread bottom, that caramelizes, with a chocolate toffee top. I added coconut, giving it the taste of a candy bar. I also cut it into lengthy bars for eating or dipping into coffee. Dorie shows these made into ice cream bars, but I found that they were a little too crunchy for that. The bottom may have to be under baked to make them softer.

I must say, these were a wonderful great treat. Something I would make again, but just under cook the bottom so that it is easier to cut. Also the Heath bits may be a little pricey and harder to find.

We give this recipe 4 glasses, for utter goodness!

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Anonymous said...

Your Caramel Heath Bars sure look yummy! There are so many baked goodies to try, I hope I find the time to do the ones I missed!