Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you do on a Yucky Afternoon....

What do you do with 3 Four year olds on an afternoon, when it is cold and yucky outside.....Gingerbread Houses of course! My littlest one here, had a couple of friends over after school to do the traditional thing in our house, make gingerbread houses. Each year we make houses to spruce up our holiday table. I knew they would have so much fun, as long as they didn't eat alot of candy on the way. Which to my surprise they didn't.

They acted like quite the architects and designers, as they assessed how they were going to decorate. They didn't need much assistance at all, except to handle the pastry bag full of royal icing. The other two boys, who are twins, were very excited to show Mom and Dad. Word has it from their Mom, that the candy is now all stripped off, and located in the tummies of their siblings......Ours will last until I throw it away. My kids are more chocoholics, then hard candy eaters. That is why I made sure not to include M&M's...... LOL

3 Others Say::

Charlene said...

Adorable! You are a brave woman! I want to do one with the Grands. Maybe you have inspired me!

Charlene said...

OK, It's me again... I read more of your blog & printed off 3 receipes (cookies) Do I get to blame the calories on you? You will be calling me your fat friend Charlene :0 Thank you for sharing.

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

Thank you so much for visiting me! It is so cool that you are from the same area in Michigan! My In-Laws moved from Bloomfield Hills to Chelsea, so I visit Ann Arbor when we see them.
I would love to shop Brimfield one day!
P.S. Very cute post!