Monday, November 29, 2010

Now is the time to decorate!

If you haven't already started, and you love is the time to get moving! Take down all the pumpkins and bring out the trees. For me that started last week, before Thanksgiving. I felt there just wasn't enough time this year with Thanksgiving being so late, only less than a month until Christmas. And don't you just love to look at the lights on the tree.

I've put up 5 trees so far, with only one more to go, outside on the porch. I will do that today, because I wanted to wait until after Turkey Day, so I didn't look that crazy.

I was trying to come up with something for the dining room table centerpiece, and came across the vintage bulbs that I had stored from a previous vintage tree theme. You don't find many of these around anymore. Some are antiques and most are reproductions bought at JoAnn's and Walmart a few years back.

I haven't seen them in a while, except for the beautiful Radko ones, that were extremely expensive at one time, but now Kmart sells a lower end version. And with the cake stands, I thought it was cute. Of course, I will take some of them down after the picture, because I know my boys will have all of them smashed if I leave them like that! Maybe I'll look for a large Hurricane glass to display them in on the table. Still thinking.....

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lindalou said...

The vintage bulbs are so cool. I have a couple...not that many. I haven't started Christmas decorating yet as I was determined to give Thanksgiving it's due. I'll probably start tomorrow. Since my significant other will be out of town this week-end...I guess I'll have a lot of spare time.

Great idea for you centerpiece.