Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Day at a Time....

One Day at a Time

Is this your motto too? If not , maybe it should be, now with the finances of the world going crazy, an election year, and the job market looking so bleak...Just sit back and think--One Day at a Time.

Do you remember the show by this name from the 70's? It was one of my favorites. It came in a time when divorce was just coming into it's own. The show gave you an insight to what single motherhood was like. I especially was drawn to the fact that little "Barbara" was so cute! And also, older sister "Julie", I loved her real first name Mackenzie. And mother "Ann" and her goofy boyfriend, along with a nosy maintenance man "Schneider".

Well, because I also love biographies, I knew that when I found "Losing It" in the library, I would have to read it! It was a great read. It told all about Valerie's early years on the show, her early marriage, her time on "Touched by an Angel", and her struggle with weight issues.

It is hard to believe that she had no confidence in the way she looked. Valerie never knew that she was every teenage boy's Dream Girl, and that they probably had a poster of her in their room next to Farah Fawcett. And if you love the music of Van Halen, you will also learn of the struggles that Eddie went through.

I recommend this book, it was a short read and very informative.

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