Friday, October 24, 2008

A Kitchen Witch It Is.......

Just received the cutest Witchy-poo from my aunt in the mail. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! An early birthday gift. I was born just after midnight on Halloween, so I love everything Halloween! My Aunt is so talented, like all my aunts are. I definitely get my crafty-attributes from the Rosynek women. I have christened her the Kitchen Witch, since I am putting her on my mantle in the kitchen to watch over all the baking and cooking that I do!

Check out the detail in the face , and the cute little necklace that she made for the witch. A beautiful antique watch with a pumpkin on the end. Very lovely....

And isn't this the cutest clay cupcake in Halloween colors!
Thanks again Aunt Jill, I love it!!! :)

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