Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Centerpiece

I am revisiting one of my more popularpost of last year......Just in time for decorating!

After seeing this done on Martha Stewart, I knew I wanted to do it for my centerpiece. Going through her website to purchase items, it seemed a little out of my price range. But, after purusing through one of my favorite stores the Dollar Tree, I found they had all the makings for this centerpiece, except for the cheap 98 cent black paint I had at home already. And the item that put me over, was the Martha Glitter, which I found at AC Moore with a 50% off coupon. And the glitter goes a long, long way. So I will be able to use it for other projects too! You can check out Martha's how to here.

Tools and Materials

**Skull , Bones and Plastic Spiders***GlitterCraft **Craft Glue w/brush **Craft Paper or newspaper **Cheap silk bouquet **Black spray paint ** **grapevine wreath


1. Working over a sheet of craft paper, use a craft brush to apply glue to half of a skull or bone.

2. Hold object over a large shallow bowl or tray. Spoon glitter over glued surface. Place on a tray; let dry for at least an hour. Repeat process.

Bugs How-to

1. Apply glue to bugs. Place bugs in plastic bag filled with glitter. Twist top of bag and shake.

Wreath How-to

1. Seperate flowers and leaves from bouquet. Spray flowers, leaves, and wreath with black paint. Allow to dry. With a glue gun , glue them onto the grapevine wreath, all over.


1. Place wreath in middle, then place cake stand in middle of that with skull,bones, and spiders arranged. Place remaining skull and spiders on wreath.

Total Cost - $8.00

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