Monday, June 1, 2009

Who Is Suzy Homemaker????

A while back, I came across the cutest ad, which reminded me again about those stoves that I have in storage right now. It also reminded me of the good times with friends when I was about 8 or so, baking with the Easy Bake Oven. They came with little cake mixes and frosting, and my friends and I would have little tea parties with our dolls.
Things are different now, I never hear of kids using the EasyBake, either they are too busy, or they are now working with Mom in the kitchen and doing it the big kid way. That's how it is around our house the kids always want to help out when I am in the kitchen, especially the 5 year old. He loves to lick the bowl.
Wasn't that your favorite part too, or is it still?
So to answer that question, "Who is Suzy Homemaker"? When I was in high school I took 4 years of Home Ec, the last two were in a class by myself with the teacher, because they didn't have level 3 and 4. My friends would tease me and call me Suzy Homemaker or Betty Crocker. At the end of that 4 years, at class night, I was awarded the Homemaking award, which they hadn't given out in years.
Well, today's Suzy is a dying breed of woman which we thought was lost, but may be coming back. With dual incomes needed to make the mortgage payments now a days, Suzy has been lost for awhile. But, I see that on the weekends she is reborn. Woman are taking that time to do home cooking and working on new hobbies. I even see quilting coming back in style....some say it never went out.
With the innovative shows on HGTV and FOOD NETWORK, it has brought back homemaking to the home, not only for women , but for men too! So maybe if there isn't a Suzy among you, maybe there is a SAM! In any case, with either men or women, homemaking is coming back! And coming on strong!
So let's petition for Home-Ec to come back in school with Cooking, Home Budgeting, Home Decorating, and Gardening. This may not be what Colleges are looking for on a transcript, but they are basic essential needs to be out in the world......

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suburbangrandma said...

I am putting my vote in for HomeEc back in High School. I took it for one year, and can't say I learned how to cook there, but I did learn how to saw. I also remember that washed knives and forks should always face down in your drying rack utensil container, so that you don't stab yourself on the sharp tips sticking up while reaching for a dish or a cup. Now I keep on reminding everyone else who sticks them up (that is if anyone washes dishes by hand anymore and uses a dish rack)