Friday, September 10, 2010

School is in Session....

School is back and so is the dreaded school supply list! This pile is about 2/3 of what I actually bought. I just couldn't get it all in the camera shot.

The savings tip when you have a brood like we do, is to start buying supplies in July. Staples, Office Max, Target, and Walmart, all run specials each week on school supplies starting the 2nd week in July. Early for us, but not for some of you who start out the first week of August in school, sorry...

Staples and Office Max are the best bet when they have those freebies or 5 cents specials. The key is watching for the Sunday ads and being there first thing. When they are free or super cheap, they always say "while supplies last".
So what I would do is get a little each week of what I knew my kids would need to start school. And then I get a few extras to last through out the year. So when they run out or get lost in the shuffle, there is a replacement. I know that if I waited until the week of school starting, I would've have spent hundreds for everything that I picked up along the way. Just for the 3rd grade needed list, I heard one parent say they spent like $55, and that doesn't include things to get you by during the year.

And once they get in Jr. High they even have summer reading books that should be purchased. So I was able to find those on, used for like 10 cents to $1. So next year if you have school supplies you will need to get, think ahead of the game!
I Love Being Frugal!

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Jackie B said...

Another great spot is the Dollar Tree. We had just had a"fill the bus" event here. I decided to spend $50. In picking items that were packed in multiples I was able to buy 6 bags of items for the program that supplies several local agencies with items for low income kids.