Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Was A Lovely Site.....

During my visit to Michigan this summer, I had the delight of visiting this quaint herb farm West of Marshall, MI. It is called "Southern Exposure" The gardens were so beautiful. Everywhere you turned it was simply gorgeous. They had venue type set ups all over, places to sit and just gaze, and venues that you could get married by. They do events here from May to December, with about 100+ of those being weddings.

There are also dining rooms of different sizes to hold club get togethers, parties, or just afternoon tea. The day that we were there, they were setting up for a wedding, and because of inclement weather they were holding the reception in a huge white tent. They have 3 white tents set up all the time for different purposes. What made the wedding tent interesting is that they had hung 3 beautifull chandelers from the top. And the ladies setting up were doing a great job. The couple had chose rosemary as a giveaway favor, so there was a small pot at each place setting. And each table was named an herb. Great touch!

They also hold workshops throughout the 3 seasons for crafty items and wine appreciation. These workshops are also sometimes paired with the thoughtfully planned out meals from "Chef Elsie". Or she sometimes presents themed dinners centered around events with delectable mouth watering menus.

More info is available on their website. And if anyone is in the area you might want to sign up for one of these workshops, they are very reasonnably priced. And people that I have spoke to that have attended, have had a great time and continue to go back. So check it out, if not to go, then for the great ideas! And on your way back you can stop in the quaint town of Marshall.

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