Sunday, September 14, 2008

Check Out This Beautiful Studio!

Take a gander at this beautiful display of material. Kinda like a bakery case for quilters. I stumbled upon this designer's website and was so intrigued by her wonderful studio, and so envious. If I had the space, I would love to reproduce this spot. I just love, love, love it! (Did I say Love?)

This young lady's name is
Heather Bailey, she is a textile designer. She designs fabric which is reminiscent of the 30's and 40's. They make wonderful material for quilting, and the new fad, aprons!(Yes, their back!) I would love to see her design scrapbook paper or stationary. She really knows how to put together color.

She has also come up with these "Trash Ties" for your hair. She didn't really come up with them, she patented the idea of covering what we know as trash ties, with fabric and using them with innovation in

your hair. I must tell you that this is something I have done in the past when I had longer hair and couldn't find a hair tie or rubber band. I just never thought of adding on material or even patenting the idea. What a genius!! You can also check out where this idea has been publicized on her website.

She is just another one of those gifted people, That can not stand to sit still. Always hundreds of ideas running through their heads. Kinda like Martha right?

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DKnotz said...

Actually she did invent the whole trash tie idea. Coming up with the idea to cover a metal piece with fabric is a great idea....a true invention. Also, she doesn't use a regular trash tie...she acutually patent the metal she uses in the trash ties. Just information I thought you should know, as I too am a big fan of her creations. you are right to say she is a genius and very very talented.