Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Picking Anyone?

Now is the time of year when the air gets crisp and thoughts go to hot apple cider, or warm apple pie. Yummo! Well this past weekend we went on our annual trek to the apple orchard to pick as many apples as we could carry. Around here it can get quite expensive because of the quaint aviance that the apple orchard holds. The further away you get from the city seems to be the cheaper you get. These farms are making out this year, the rain fall we had did them wonders. All you had to do was pretty much stand in one place and your 20 lbs came to you quickly. Check out the video of the place we went. Very family friendly.

I myself prefer the "HoneyCrisp" brand of apple, a cross between a Macintosh and a Granny Smith --Sweet...Tart..and Juicy!!! They make a great baking apple. So with my 40 pounds of apples I returned home to start my daily bake off apple projects. The best yet is still my Apple Cake recipe which I posted earlier here. Whatever you may make, doesn't an apple sound wonderful right now? .....

Apple Crumb* Apple pie* Apple Cake* Apple Cider Donuts

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